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postheadericon Muscle Gaining Protein FAQ

Many youngsters and athletes like the idea of taking some extra muscle gaining protein for building their muscles. Some basic information about muscle gaining protein, its types and sources is essential for making a good diet plan for building muscles. Here is an informative FAQ for you, covering some of the important questions about muscle gaining protein:

1. Which nutritional component makes muscles?

Our muscles develop by taking more protein in our diet, because protein provides several types of amino acids to our body that are the basic component of our muscles.

2. What are the food sources of muscle gaining protein?

Both animal and vegetable proteins sources are beneficial for building muscles, but mostly it is said that animal protein foods work much better in making muscles as compared to vegetable protein foods. Chicken, fish, beef, eggs and dairy products are considered the best high protein foods.
But you must not forget to include some vegetable protein foods like beans or soya in your diet for making a good healthy combination of different types of amino acids and other vitamins and minerals. Because you know that you can get a healthy and strong body with a balanced diet, not only with animal protein foods.

3. What is the importance of milk protein in muscle building?

Whole milk, skimmed milk or any other type of milk products like yogurt or cheese are great protein foods for gaining muscles. Milk protein consists of Casein and Whey protein which are considered excellent for bulling muscles, and these two are common ingredients of most protein based food supplements.

As we all know that milk is considered a complete food. Milk not only gives you a good amount of protein but also provides several other important vitamins and minerals for health and strength of your body.


Taking some special diets definitely helps in building up your muscles, but it is not necessary for you to go for some specially made food supplements for gaining muscles, as you can achieve this goal quite easily with natural foods. Then you should also try to take a well balanced diet that gives you a perfect combination of all the nutrition your need.
While increasing the intake of muscle gaining protein in your diet you should try to include different types of protein foods in your daily routine, as it will help you give your body different types of proteins and amino acids for healthy muscles development.

postheadericon What is The Best Protein for Muscle Building

Protein is one of the most important components for building muscles as it helps in repairing and building tissues. Proteins accompanied by proper workouts can build muscles and can lead to body transformation that best suits your desires. There are plenty of proteins that can help build muscles however, some are considered to be the best. The best proteins for muscle building include:

1. Whey protein
2. Casein protein
3. Soy protein

Whey protein is mainly found in human milk and cow’s milk. It is considered to contain all 20 amino acids which help in the rapid growth of babies. It is most effective to take whey protein before and after the workout to build muscles. Whey is by far considered the best protein for muscle building because of it qualities which are:

  • It is very easily absorbed and digested by the body and greater the amount of whey protein taken, more efficient will be the muscle building.
  • It contains all the essential amino acids required by the body for muscle growth and repair.
  • It enhances the body’s immune system by producing a substance glutathione which is helpful during workouts as workouts weaken the body’s immune system.

Casein is also found in the milk of mammals including humans. It also contains all the amino acids needed for muscle building; however it is absorbed and digested slowly. It is most effective after workouts or before going to bed.

Some vegetarians prefer Soy protein rather than milk protein like whey and casein . Just like whey protein, it is absorbed and digested quickly. Although soy protein does help in building muscles but it is not as effective as whey or casein. It also contains all the amino acids needed by the body and it protects against heart diseases and cancer.

If asked about the best protein for muscle building, bodybuilders would vote for Whey protein because it enhances muscle mass to a much greater extend then Casein and Soy. It also has the added advantage of being easily absorbed and utilized by the body and is therefore effective even after and before workouts.